Year Round Rentals in Point Lookout

Living in Point Lookout NY is a lifestyle many only dream of. There are a number of homes for sale and rent in a wide variety of styles and price points. ALL are close to the beach, all provide access to the world class amenities and quaint beach town lifestyle that has made Point Lookout one of New York’s best kept secrets!

Yearly rental homes in Point Lookout currently available:

Bellmore Avenue Walkup Apartment…3 Bedroom …$2600 per month

Hewlett Avenue…$3000 per month 3 Bedroom/1 Bath Ranch

131 Bellmore Avenue…Mediterranean..5 Bedroom 2.5 Bathrooms….$4750 per month

Oceanfront 5 Bedroom /3 Bathrooms… $31,000 per month

137 Cedarhurst Avenue…3 Bedroom /2 Bathrooms/Ocean Blvd Ranch …$4500 per month

Looking for Beach house rentals for summer rental in Point Lookout NY or seasonal rentals for winter in Point Lookout?