Winter Rentals in Point Lookout

Winter rental homes are the best deals on rentals in Point Lookout NY. Spend time this winter season in one of these fabulous rental homes located near the beach. Oceanview beach houses in winter provide spectacular views and winter living is easy in Point Lookout.

Check out these great deals on rentals in Point Lookout NY, all available NOW!

OCEAN VIEW 5 bedroom 4 Bathroom Available … $2900

MINT Brick Cape … 4 bedroom 2 Bath … $2800

Luxury New 3 bedroom / 3 bathroom … $3000

2 Bedroom Cottage… $1800 per month…December thru April

Bellmore Avenue Walkup Apartment…3 Bedroom …$2200 per month

Hewlett Avenue…$2350 per month 3 Bedroom/1 Bath Ranch

131 Bellmore Avenue…Mediterranean..5 Bedroom 2.5 Bathrooms….$3-4000 per month

Oceanfront 5 Bedroom /3 Bathrooms… $8,000 per month

137 Cedarhurst Avenue…3 Bedroom /2 Bathrooms/Ocean Blvd Ranch …$3,000 per month

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